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Wellspring Dental

Preventing Problems – Preserving Smiles

While some folks only remember their dentist when something breaks or hurts, the best way to protect both your budget and your smile is to see your neighborhood dentist regularly. And now, making routine dental checkups and cleanings part of your overall health care is easier, more comfortable, and more approachable than ever with Wellspring Dental’s super-welcoming, non-corporate, home-borough dental model. Our patients are so grateful for the one-on-one, personal treatment they receive and the healthier smile they can easily maintain. In fact, many of our patients actually look forward to the time they spend with us. We make general and preventive dentistry fun!

Wellspring Dental

Our General

Comprehensive Exams

When we use the word “comprehensive” about our dental exams, we mean it. Wellspring checks everything from your teeth – inside and out – gums, and soft tissue to your bite and jaw balance. We even screen you for TMJ disorder and signs of sleep apnea!

Oral Cancer Screenings

Oral cancer can start without any noticeable symptoms. And with the American Cancer Society’s estimates for oral cancers rising every year, oral cancer screenings are your first line of defense against this deadly but silent disease.


Wellspring Dental only uses digital x-rays for lowered exposure to radiation, better and clearer views, and easy, environmentally-friendly storage for your records. And for even more patient-friendly information gathering, we supplement x-rays with intraoral cameras and DSLR photography.


Patients rave about how fresh their mouths feel after hygiene visits. They love how gentle and effective our ultrasonic cleanings are and that their teeth and gums are cleared of all that gunk and bacteria that build up no matter how diligent they are with a toothbrush at home. Hygiene visits let your smile shine!

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease can affect your entire body and lead to heart attacks, strokes, inflammation, and a whole host of other issues. If we find signs of gum infection we have a range of effective and painless, tailor-made treatments including deep cleanings and gum tissue grafting.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride can be your smile’s best friend! It remineralizes enamel, reduces sensitivity, and can even reverse the tiniest early cavities. That’s why Wellspring Dental recommends this tooth-strengthening topical treatment for patients of all ages every six months.


Even with regular cleanings and fluoride treatments, your teeth are subject to stressors and dangers daily. Protect your assets with the best-fitting sports and nightguards available. Sports guards protect teeth and soft tissue from injury and even help prevent concussions while our nightguards, custom orthotics made for your teeth, stop the wear and tear clenching and grinding can cause. Gear up and stay safe!


Keeping you comfortable for every, single visit is at the heart of our community-centered approach. We never want our friends and neighbors to dread dental visits or feel discomfort when we are working to help. That’s why we offer the most effective local anesthetic, oral sedation for relaxation, and in certain locations, Nitrous Oxide. Relax! This is going to be easy!

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea is so much more than snoring – it can be health- and life-threatening! If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea but have a hard time wearing your CPAP or need a less bulky alternative for travel, ask your Wellspring team about our palm-sized mandibular advancement appliances including Silent Nite and TAP.

Emergency Care

If you can’t open or close your mouth, have swelling on the outside of your face, are experiencing extreme pain when eating or drinking, or have had an injury to the mouth with lacerations or that is affecting your teeth, please call your local Wellspring office right away and we will see you or direct you to the emergency room. If your emergency happens after hours, call us anyway! Your call will be forwarded to an emergency number and we will get right back to you.


Technology really does make dentistry so much easier and more effective. And we think our Wellspring patients deserve it. It’s why we have invested in:

  • Intraoral Cameras – for clear and magnified images of your oral cavity
  • iTero – for digitally scanned impressions
  • 3D Dental Printers – to print models, night guards, and surgical guides