The Importance Of Regular Dental Cleanings

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Dental cleanings are an essential component of oral hygiene performed by a licensed dentist. It’s important to understand that while you can–and should, care for your teeth at home, there is not an equivalent to the type of care you will receive from a dentist. 

When you schedule a dental exam, not only are you signing up for a cleaning, but an in-depth, professional screening regarding your overall oral health– something that can not be done at home. To learn more about the benefits, and importance of regular dental cleanings, we’ve listed a few important points below! 

Why are regular dental cleanings important?

Regular dental cleanings are essential for the prevention and early detection of oral irregularities. Scheduling regular dental cleanings at least twice a year allows your dentist to see what’s happening from a professional point of view, and develop a treatment plan that supports your unique needs. 

There are a number of oral diseases that can present themselves in disguise, therefore, it’s important that you get your dentist’s opinion. Some of the dental concerns that may arise due to oral hygiene avoidance include but are not limited to; cavities, periodontal or gum disease and tooth loss.    

What if you avoid the dentist?

Avoiding the dentist can increase your chances of experiencing dental problems, and in some cases, total avoidance can result in tooth loss. Here are a few dental diseases that may arise when regular hygiene exams are put on the backburner. 

Gum Disease

Brushing and flossing regularly is important, but even the best flossers still harbor bacteria deep within the gumline. As you get older, having this bacteria professionally removed is essential in avoiding gum disease (gingivitis), which can later develop into periodontal disease.

Gum diseases progress by the gradual deterioration of the underlying tissues around the root of your teeth. Bacteria lodges in crevices under your gums, causing gradual inflammation which may lead to severe tooth decay, or when left untreated, tooth loss. 

Tooth decay and cavities

Tooth decay and cavities are a result of plaque buildup, which increases the levels of bacteria in your mouth. While brushing regularly– even with a high-end electric toothbrush may feel sufficient, plaque can harden and turn to tartar over time, making it impossible to treat on your own. 

This long-term build up of plaque or tartar can lead to tooth decay and cavities, which present themselves as tooth deterioration or holes in your teeth. When this occurs, it is imperative that you visit a dentist. Long term negligence of tooth decay or cavities can require more in depth treatment outside of fillings, including root canals, crowns and even implants.  

Tooth discoloration

Many of our daily activities including the beverages we consume can contribute to tooth discoloration. Frequent coffee, tea and wine drinkers may find that they need a whitening treatment more often than others. Smokers however, are even more susceptible to tooth staining. 

Fortunately, by visiting your dentist regularly, you can stay on top of those stains, and even opt in for a professional teeth whitening treatment every now and then. Besides, healthy, bright, white teeth can add to your self-confidence improving general well being!

Benefits of regular dental cleanings 

Regular dental cleanings help you avoid many problems, from oral-specific issues to general health. Here are some benefits you gain from attending regular dental visits:

  • Clean, fresh breath.
  • Prevention of gum disease, tooth decay and cavities. 
  • Protect your heart health.
  • Early detection of oral concerns. 
  • Boosted self-confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Financial savings– avoid more advanced, costly procedures!   

Visiting the dentist may not seem necessary, especially if you tend to take exceptional care of your teeth at home. However, regardless of your oral hygiene routine, it is imperative that you schedule regular dental exams at least twice a year.

Choosing to prioritize your smile is choosing to prioritize your overall health! If you have any questions regarding Wellspring Dental or our team of talented providers, we invite you to give us a call. We would be delighted to welcome you to our dental family!  

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