5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush Their Teeth

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For a child, brushing their teeth regularly is one of the first big responsibilities they are going to have to learn. Teeth brushing can feel like a big undertaking for both the parent and the child. For many parents, they find that their little one is scared to brush their teeth – ultimately resulting in the child putting up a fight or creating poor brushing habits out of the gate. Regardless of the circumstance, creating a proper brushing routine for your child is essential in fostering a healthy lifestyle. 

Fortunately, there are ways to make this experience fun so that your child can associate brushing their teeth as an enjoyable experience! Let’s take a look at our top five tips for teaching kids to brush their teeth… 

Teach teeth brushing at an early age 

Let’s face it – even as adults, we can be resistant to change. For many of us, we like a sense of normalcy. This is the same for children too! That being said, by starting a dental routine with your child at an early age, they will find that brushing their teeth is as normal (and equally as important) as potty training and taking a bath.  

Brush your teeth with them 

When it comes to convincing your child to listen, one common recommendation for parents is to make the request fun! We suggest brushing your teeth alongside your child and maintaining this routine together. This will give your child a healthy habit to look forward to – and you may even find them reminding you at bedtime!

Let them have a choice in their dental products 

On the topic of keeping things fun, one easy way to get your child excited is to let them choose their toothbrush and toothpaste – there are even some fun flossing tools available nowadays too! Whether it’s a toothbrush with a timer, their favorite superhero, or one that plays a song, we are confident you can find the tooth essentials that will get your child excited! 

Choose the right dentist 

Choosing the right dentist may be one of the most important tips on our list. Why? Well, the dentist you choose to take care of your little one truly sets the tone for how they will feel about visiting the dentist in the future and taking care of their teeth at home. Unfortunately, dentists are already made out to be scary through books and tv shows – so it’s imperative that you change this stigma and make the dentist an exciting place to be! When your child has a good relationship with their dentist, they will be more likely to listen to them, take advice and even take care of their teeth so that they can impress the doctor at their next appointment! 

Positive reinforcement

Like all habits, repetition and reinforcement is the best way to stay consistent. Children love to be complimented, it’s the best way to show them that they are doing a good job and incentivize them to repeat that action. Whether it’s words of affirmation, stickers (who doesn’t love a good sticker collection), or another reward you know they’ll love, positive reinforcement can go a long way. Remember though, with positive reinforcement comes tough love too – if your child does not want to brush their teeth, that could mean no dessert tomorrow!

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