5 Tips To Curb Those Sugar Cravings

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With the holidays right around the corner, deliciously tantalizing sweets are going to be popping up left and right. After a weekend of trick or treating, we will be spending the next few weeks polishing off halloween candy just in time for Thanksgiving and Christmas to arrive. The holidays are filled with tradition, and that means desserts galore! Not to mention, we have to resist the pumpkin spice and peppermint temptations filling every Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts in town. So how can we curb those sugar cravings this holiday season? We’ve got a few tips for you! 

While sugar and sweets make us feel great in the moment, it’s important to remember the long term effects it can have on our health. Sugar can leave its mark on our body inside and out– including our teeth. 

Sugar left behind on our teeth = Cavities. 

Cavities = an unhealthy smile! 

Have A Healthy Midday Snack On Hand 

Our sugar cravings are the worst when we’re already hungry– and when we are hungry without a plan, it gets easier to grab snacks that aren’t the best choice! Healthy snacks you can keep around that are good for your teeth include cheeses, nuts, or apples. These choices are also rich in protein and can fuel your body for longer. We also suggest eating at specific times, which will help maintain a healthy blood sugar and curb those initial cravings for longer. 

Drink More Water 

Water is not only good for staying hydrated, it keeps you feeling fuller longer! There are ample benefits to drinking water, not to mention it can help keep your teeth a little cleaner if you are unable to brush throughout the day– water is a much healthier choice on your teeth than tea, coffee or juice. 

Eat Your Sweets With A Meal 

We get it, sometimes it’s nice to snag a candy bar for that afternoon pick me up. Just keep in mind, having your dessert with a meal is the best way to go. The food from your main meal can help to neutralize the sugars in your dessert, making it a little less impactful on your teeth. We also encourage rinsing with water after, as you never want to leave lingering foods or sugars on your teeth. 

Choose Fruit 

Fruit is a wonderful alternative to processed, added sugars. You can eat as much fruit as you like without the added guilt– plus, they offer vitamins and antioxidants in every bite!  

Know Your Triggers 

Understanding yourself is key to many things in life– so understanding when and why you crave sweets can go a long way. Perhaps you are a stress eater? Recognizing this and becoming more mindful of when you have those sugar cravings can help to maximize your overall health and protect your teeth. 

Just remember, the holidays are for having fun and spending time with your loved ones. There is no shame in treating yourself to those long awaited holiday sweets this season, just remember to eat in moderation, be mindful and most of all protect those chompers with a good brushing after!  

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