How Often Do I Really Need To Visit The Dentist As An Adult?

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As adults, we can all understand just how important the dentist is. Staying on top of your oral hygiene means avoiding unpleasant oral conditions such as cavities and gingivitis. While we can all agree that visiting the dentist is important, just how often should you go as an adult? 

Some adults think it’s perfectly fine to go once a year, while others go every six months – and some choose not to go for extended periods of time. So that we can set the record straight, let’s dive into exactly how often you should visit the dentist as an adult! 

How Often Do I Really Need To Visit The Dentist?

The official standard on dental visits is every six months – and fortunately, both of these visits are typically covered by insurance. For those of you without dental insurance, many dental offices offer in-house insurance programs to help keep you on track. You see, getting into the dentist every six months is essential in maintaining proper oral hygiene and preventing future problems down the line. 

While visiting the dentist every six months is the standard, there are some exceptions where you may need to schedule an exam more often. Those circumstances include: 

You are pregnant 

While pregnant, you are experiencing a big change in hormones, as well as your daily habits. These changes can often put women at a greater risk for cavities, gum disease and infection. 

You’re a cancer patient 

Unfortunately, the medications you take can come with side effects such as dry mouth. Saliva plays a big role in keeping your mouth clean and healthy, and without it, you are at a greater risk for oral health conditions.  

You have diabetes 

Diabetes can take a toll on your body, including gum disease and other oral health problems.

You’re a smoker 

As a smoker, you are more at risk for developing gum disease – and your body may be slower to heal after dental work making you more susceptible to infection. 

You have heart disease 

Believe it or not, bacteria from your mouth can make its way to your heart. For this reason, it is imperative that those who are battling heart disease stay on top of their personalized dental plan. 

If you have any of the conditions above, you should certainly let your dentist know so that they can take the best possible care of you. While visiting the dentist every six months may seem like a lot, we assure you that it is recommended for good reason!

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