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Missing Your Smile? Not Anymore!

Losing your smile for any reason can be traumatic. But when smiling feels hopeless because of missing teeth, there are more complications than you might imagine. Missing teeth can:

  • Cause remaining teeth to shift leading to TMJ issues including migraines, ringing ears, and upper body pain
  • Make eating difficult leading to vitamin deficiencies and possible malnutrition
  • Increase the likelihood of gum disease leading to systemic inflammation, increased risk of stroke and heart attacks, and even increasing your risk for cancer
  • Make speaking difficult leading to embarrassment and communication problems
  • Result in the loss of support for your lips and cheeks which can cause facial sagging

Worst of all, tooth loss leads to bone loss. Dental implants from Wellspring Dental of East Harlem stop all that – while looking, feeling, and functioning like your very own teeth.

And you can get our implants completed right in the comfort of your neighborhood in New York, NY!

What makes dental implants so different from any other tooth replacement is the fact that they replace both your visible tooth and your tooth’s root. The procedure starts with the precision placement of titanium implant posts into your bone.

Titanium is biocompatible and will fuse with your bone for the most stable and permanent base possible. While your posts are healing, you will wear attractive temporaries so you never go without your smile.

Once the post or posts have healed, we will place your beautiful new teeth for a functioning smile you can show off day or night. If we discover that you already have some bone loss, don’t worry!

Our highly trained dentists also offer bone grafting to replace and regenerate lost bone and restore your facial contours.

Dental implants really are amazing with benefits our patients just can’t stop talking about. With dental implants you can:

  • Look younger longer
  • Keep your jaw and surrounding bone stimulated and healthy
  • Forget about pinching, slipping, or loosening dentures
  • Throw away that gooey denture adhesive
  • Eat whatever you want – even steak or apples
  • Laugh, speak, sing, and play instruments with complete confidence
  • Prevent headaches, sore muscles, and jaw pain
  • Keep your remaining teeth stable and healthy
  • Brush and floss as usual – no bedside soaking
  • Feel beautiful and vital all day and all night
  • Save time and money on refitting, relining, and replacing your dentures

Ok, so you are missing all or most of your teeth. Can you really have tooth replacements that stay in and let you eat anything – without adhesives covering the roof of your mouth? Absolutely! Implant-retained dentures offer all of that and more. Implant-retained dentures, including our popular and economical option, All-on-4, are a life-changing alternative to removable dentures. Implant-retained dentures work essentially the way an implant-retained crown does: new teeth are attached to surgically-placed posts. That means they do not have to be removed for cleaning, they won’t interfere with your speech or taste because the roof of your mouth is clear, and they stay secure no matter what you do. It’s total freedom, confidence, and convenience!

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