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Wellspring Dental

A New Day for Oral Health

Dentists may not make the world go round, but if you live or work in New York City, Wellspring Dental can help anyone with damaged, decayed, or painful smiles celebrate a new day of health and beauty. Our dentists and teams not only have a fierce focus on keeping teeth and gums healthy, they are also mad about smile makeovers as well. But, wait. Makeovers? Isn’t that a cosmetic dentistry thing? Not at Wellspring. We approach all of our dentistry from both an aesthetic and a functional aspect. And that means that any smile, from those with all kinds of wear, infection, and tooth loss to those that just need some love and cavity-care can leave Wellspring Dental with a new lease on life – completely renewed, restored, and revitalized!

Wellspring Dental

Our Restorative

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Oh, no! Not a cavity! No one gets excited to hear that there is decay in their tooth. But here is something you can get excited about: fillings that perfectly match your smile! Wellspring Dentists do not put dark metal fillings in our patients’ teeth. Not only because they are unattractive, but also because metal in your mouth just isn’t healthy. Composite fillings bond beautifully to your own enamel to repair and strengthen – and no one will ever know you had a cavity at all!

Porcelain Inlays

Similar to tooth-colored fillings and dental bonding in function, porcelain inlays are created from super-strong, super-beautiful dental ceramics. Inlays are placed between the cusps or points of your teeth to protect, strengthen, and restore large cavities or other damage to the enamel. Unlike the old, metal fillings of the past, porcelain inlays are so smooth, comfortable, and attractive, you may forget which tooth was actually repaired!

Porcelain Onlays

Pure porcelain onlays from Wellspring Dental bridge the difference between crowns and inlays. That means that if your tooth or teeth are too damaged for a filling or an inlay but not quite in need of a full crown, porcelain onlays can save and restore your tooth to ideal strength and beauty. Because they cover one or more of the points of your teeth, this new chewing surface lets you eat, speak, and laugh as if nothing ever happened to your smile.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are restorative dentistry’s crowning glory. Made from the finest, strongest materials available to modern dentistry, dental crowns from Wellspring Dental work to save cracked, broken worn teeth; cover and protect root canals; and beautify aesthetically compromised teeth. They even act as prosthetic teeth in our crown and bridge or dental implant systems!

Dental Bridges

These clever little dental prosthetics perfectly bridge the gaps in your smile. If you have lost one or a few teeth in a row, a dental bridge fills the empty spot where your tooth used to be, renewing not only your ability to chew and enjoy your food, but also your confidence in your smile.


Dentures don’t have to be the miserable, pinching, slipping, false teeth of the past! Modern dentures can not only be held in place with adhesive, there are also implant-retained dentures available that offer security and comfort you never imagined was possible. But if you are missing teeth but don’t qualify for dental implants, Wellspring Dental’s full and partial dentures can save your confidence. We custom-create each denture just for you so they stay secure, look natural, and feel great. If you still have some of your own teeth, we believe in helping you keep them! Wellspring Dental will work with you to keep remaining teeth healthy and create a partial denture to work in conjunction with the teeth you still have.


What the heck is endodontics? If you guessed root canals, you guessed right. But don’t run away from this page yet! Root canals don’t deserve their negative reputation – not at all! Root canals are your tooth’s savior, stopping dental infection and pain and allowing you to keep your own tooth even in the more dire circumstances. We simply open your tooth, clean out the infection inside, reseal your tooth, and top it with a beautiful crown. It’s your very own tooth – just healthier!

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is another one of those things your smile might need but you really, truly don’t want. We understand. That’s why our compassionate Wellspring staff works so hard to hear your concerns, explain every step, and keep you completely comfortable during your procedure. From minor extractions to wisdom-tooth surgery, we will make sure you aren’t in pain, you feel relaxed, and your worries are minimized.