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Wellspring Dental

Your Insurance-Free Solution

Are you or someone in your family currently without dental insurance coverage? Forget about missing out on high quality dental care, regardless of your insurance status. You’ll find our discounted savings and membership plan is designed to provide affordability along with access to some of NYC’s finest dental technology and training. Each plan will ensure your oral health stays at peak performance.

In addition to regular examinations, sparkling hygiene cleanings, and protective fluoride treatment, you’ll also have access to exclusive membership only pricing for select restorative and surgical procedures. What’s best — you can also save big on whitening and Invisalign® treatments. Think of this as your personalized dental plan created custom for you to help ease your worries and enhance your dental health.

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A Plan to Keep You Smiling

Each plan we provide to our patients and their families will ensure your oral health is going to last a lifetime. If you’re tired of not getting the dental care you deserve or feeling less than confident when you show your smile, enrolling in our discounted savings and membership plan is the first step you need to take towards total oral health and Wellspring wellbeing. With your dental saving plan there are NO:

  • Yearly Maximums
  • Deductibles
  • Claim Forms
  • Pre-Authorization Forms
  • Waiting Periods for Treatments

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Smile With Confidence (Again)

Are you ready to learn more about your membership plan? Signing up is done easily online and you’re able to see the simple cost breakdown for each individual plan. We want you to get the most out of your dental care in a place where comfort and quality care are always key. (Please note the plan is not to be used in conjunction with traditional plans or benefits. It’s offered exclusively to Wellspring Dental patients currently without dental insurance coverage.)

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