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Wellspring Dental

Keeping You Safe in Uncertain Times

Patient safety is one of the four compass points that guide our daily practice at each of our Wellspring locations. That’s why we keep up with the latest CDC guidelines to “… balance the need to provide necessary services while minimizing risk to patients and dental healthcare personnel.”

Because of this, some of our more pampering services may be temporarily limited, but don’t fret. Because your comfort is so important to us, we make sure that you always feel at ease, relaxed, and cared for every step of the way while minimizing inconvenience and maximizing your health.

Wellspring Dental

Pre-Appointment Screening

We ask that all patients remember to fill out their necessary patient forms online before arrival for appointments. Just fill out the forms in the safety of your own home and we’ll immediately have them at our fingertips for your appointment. Upon admission to the office, we will ask a few questions to get an idea of your health status and take your temperature. This prescreening not only protects you, but also ensures the safety of other patients and our staff.

You will notice that we have taken extra steps with staff personal protection equipment (PPE). We are all wearing cover gowns, N95 masks, and level three ASTM masks under face shields. Yep! It looks like a scene from the classic 1995 film “Outbreak.” But hang tight. It will end eventually, and we can get back to interfacing like friends again.


Sterilization is always one of our top priorities and we are known for exceeding requirements. Instruments are always soaked in a cold-sterile ultrasonic machine and then autoclaved in steam. For extra protection, we have now:

  • Added HEPA filters in every room of the office
  • Increased common area cleaning including doorknobs, counters, and dental chairs
  • Stepped up between patient cleaning of all surfaces with spray – wipe – spray in operatories, saran wrap on keyboards, and mice changed after each patient
  • Implemented contactless checkout and disposable pens.

All of this cleaning and extra sterilization adds a few minutes to our already scrupulous cleaning protocol so please be patient with us while we make sure we all remain safe and healthy.

Wellspring Dental

Continuing Convenience

Comfort, safety, health, and convenience – it’s what guides every Wellspring Dental doctor and location. That means, no matter what steps we need to take to keep you safe, we are simply not going to compromise on comfort or convenience. Appointments are still on time and created to fit your schedule. Sedation dentistry and necessary creature comforts are still available. Aromatherapy, music, and movies continue to make visits more pleasant. And there is no additional cost added to any of your procedures to cover safety measures.

And remember, keeping your mouth free of infection and disease is more important during a pandemic than ever – it helps your immune system and overall health!