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DIY Treatments For Tooth Sensitivity & How A Dentist Can Help

If you’re experiencing tooth sensitivity, you may find that you’re unable to enjoy your favorite foods, beverages or activities – which are some of the simple pleasures in life you shouldn’t miss out on!    Tooth sensitivity, also known as dentin hypersensitivity, is a common oral health issue that affects many people. It is characterized…

Added on: January 11, 2023

How Often Do I Really Need To Visit The Dentist As An Adult?

As adults, we can all understand just how important the dentist is. Staying on top of your oral hygiene means avoiding unpleasant oral conditions such as cavities and gingivitis. While we can all agree that visiting the dentist is important, just how often should you go as an adult?    Some adults think it’s perfectly…

Added on: December 21, 2022

How Does Nitrous Oxide Sedation Work?

Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, has been used in the dental field for hundreds of years– yes, really. That being said, it’s highly trusted and very effective for making patients feel at ease during dental procedures. Nitrous oxide sedation does not actually put you to sleep, but you could compare it to the…

Added on: October 19, 2022

What Exactly Does My Dental Hygienist Do?

When you imagine the typical dental visit, you likely picture the dentist and their sidekick to the left and right of the dental chair. That sidekick, officially recognized as your dental hygienist, truly makes up the soul of the practice– they help things run smoothly with compassion, while keeping things calm and collected. Hygienists are…

Added on: October 5, 2022

5 Tips for Teaching Kids to Brush Their Teeth

For a child, brushing their teeth regularly is one of the first big responsibilities they are going to have to learn. Teeth brushing can feel like a big undertaking for both the parent and the child. For many parents, they find that their little one is scared to brush their teeth – ultimately resulting in…

Added on: September 21, 2022

Am I Too Old To Have My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

If you’ve made your way to this blog, you likely fit into one of two categories. Perhaps you have heard about wisdom teeth and want to learn a little more – or you’re experiencing some tooth sensitivity and want to determine if those pesky wisdom teeth are at the root of the problem. While it’s…

Added on: September 14, 2022

How Often Should You Go to The Dentist Based on Your Age?

Do you find yourself questioning how often you need to schedule a routine checkup and cleaning with your dentist? Although it’s recommended to go twice a year, ideally once every six months, the amount of visits you schedule can vary based on your age and oral health, so it may be best for some patients…

Added on: August 3, 2022

The Importance Of Regular Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are an essential component of oral hygiene performed by a licensed dentist. It’s important to understand that while you can–and should, care for your teeth at home, there is not an equivalent to the type of care you will receive from a dentist.  When you schedule a dental exam, not only are you…

Added on: May 18, 2022

Overcome Dental Anxiety With These Six Tips

Do you avoid visiting the dentist out of fear? If so, you’re not alone! In fact, about 80% of Amercians experience dental anxiety that ranges from mild to severe. Combating anxiety of any form can be difficult, and for some, dental anxiety is a form of fear that results in lengthy dental care gaps. Research…

Added on: May 11, 2022

How Often Can I Whiten My Teeth At Home?

Teeth whitening has become a popular cosmetic procedure that can be accomplished at home or in the dental office. The options for whitening your teeth at home are endless and even more affordable than ever. Whitening systems vary from something as simple as a toothpaste, to a more complex gel, rinse, strip or tray.  Despite…

Added on: May 6, 2022

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